After nearly four years of being out of the MMA spotlight, Renzo and Roger Gracie’s cousin Daniel decided now is the time to come back.

And although Daniel’s last fight was in 2006 where he lost to Allan Goes, he stayed active as a instructor of jiu-jitsu and has recently taken over the Renzo Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Connecticut.

But when Daniel spoke with “The MMA Hour” early this week, he made the announcement that he would be returning to the world of MMA.

“I can’t just watch it. I was getting cranky because I wasn’t fighting. Actually, I decided to take a little while from MMA because my English was terrible. I could talk but not teach jiu-jitsu, so I said, I have to learn to teach in English, because I know that my future is going to be having a jiu-jitsu school and teaching jiu-jitsu.”

His planned return is for November 20th but will NOT be at UFC 123, which happens to be taking place on the same day.

This year also marks the debut of family members Renzo and Rolles into the UFC as well as Roger’s debut into Strikeforce.

And why the sudden spark of interest in the Gracie family? Daniel says he has the amswer;

“Because we belong there. Everybody is fighting there because of us. So why are we going to be out watching? That’s impossible.”