Dana White is notorious for having a commit on EVERYTHING, whether it’s his business or not, and he always seems to have something to say about boxing. So it’s no surprise he had to add his own comments on the issues over the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight;

“Boxing in the United States has fallen apart, and it’s just over,” White was overheard saying Wednesday after aUFC 108 news conference. “It’s over. It’s going to take, for it to even have a shot, it would take someone to come in and spend the kind of money the Fertittas spent to try to save boxing. But nobody in boxing spends money to try to save boxing. They all take from boxing, they don’t give back to it, none of them do.”

Although it seems like White always has something negative to say about boxing, the fact that there has been some problems surrounding the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight, may have fans listening to him a little more closely…

“Everybody knows my philosophy on boxing, they’re in big trouble. There is no amateur program anymore. It’s become a European sport now. Back in the day, all the people in England are going to blast me for this one, but the European guys couldn’t win jack s—.”

White also seems to believe it’s none of Mayweather’s business to ask Pacquiao to do blood testing right before the fight and should leave it up to the Athletic Commission;

“What, fighters decide what fighters are going to do? That’s what the commission is there for,” said White. “The athletic commission is there for the safety of the fighters. They drug test, they blood test, they do all those other things. For another fighter to be calling out another fighter for some type of blood work is f—— crazy. Just f—— train for the fight and fight, that’s what everybody wants to see. I want to see this fight. I’m dying to see this fight.”

White feels that the controversy may even spark more interest in the fight and lead to a bigger audience of the match.

“People are used to this kind of stuff from boxing, if anything, it just makes more people aware of the fight.”