At the UFC 108 Post-Fight interview, White lets it be known loud and clear that Steroids do not have a place in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), or in Boxing. “I don’t like steroids. When you can get on top of a guy and elbow him to the face, you need to be tested”.  White then goes on to talk about the serious loss of income an MMA fighter faces when caught. Then comparing a baseball player that’s caught- “When a baseball player is caught he’s like see ya’, I’m off to the Bahama’s, call me when my suspensions done.”

This does not happen much, but I am actually glad to hear Dana White speak his mind on Steroids. Not that I hate hearing the UFC President’s opinion. I just don’t enjoy hearing daily vlogs, interviews, quotes etc., on White’s opinion on every other topic in MMA. Too much of anything is not good. I do endure him though and respect his opinion for the fact of what he did for the sport.

In a way, every MMA fan is in his debt (which we pay in PPV purchases monthy), for saving MMA’s roots and marketing it to the forefront it is at now.

Some Dana White haters may not agree with me, and say if it wasn’t him it would be some other entrepreneur to save the UFC, but there is no way of knowing how another tangent of MMA history would of went, so I say give respect where it is deserved.

[Source: MMA Fighting]