We were cage side for the January 24th 2010 Called Out MMA II event in Ontario, California – at the Citizens Bank Arena. The house was amped for the fights, and some well known MMA stars were in attendance.

There were some amazing bouts and even more electrifying finishes. If you missed it no need to worry we got you covered with the results and some images from the event, check em’ out below:

1Chris SepulvedaGilbert VielmasKO (Punch)11:16
2Steve SwansonThomas CasarezDecision (Unanimous)35:00
3Francisco RiveraFernando BernsteinTKO (Punches)10:30
4Ralph AauMatt RuizSubmission (Armbar)11:14
5Mike PaloAndy DermenjyanTKO (Punches)1
6Daniel HernandezMike PenalberTKO (Punches)10:46
7Jared PapazianGreg GuzmanDecision (Unanimous)35:00
8Aaron MillerVince OrtizKO (Slam)2
9Sevak MagakianJeremy UmphriesDecision (Unanimous)35:00
10Albert RiosAlberto CraneDecision (Unanimous)35:00

The highlight of the night was definitely the 2nd round KO slam from the triangle choke position by Aaron Miller over Vince Ortiz. Miller took a page right out of vintage Rampage Jacksons’ play book, knocking out his opponent by slamming him hard into the mat.

The fight of the night has to go to the bout between Jared Papazian and Greg Guzman. Guzman came out to the ring very hyped and eager to get the fight going before the bell even rang. Guzman had a Nick Diaz like swagger as soon as he emerged from the locker room. Greg Guzman almost got the fight started before the bell during his opponents introduction. Papazian did a lil’ Tito Ortiz like center of the ring taunt during his intro, and Guzman started to lunge at him maybe thinking it was an early attack, but nothing happened and he returned to his corner.

This fight went the distance but was the most exciting fight of the night, even more exciting than the fight going on outside the cage between a couple of drunk jerks that couldn’t keep it under control during the fight. The two displayed some excellent stand up and had a great chess match on the ground showing of great Jiu Jitsu with submission attempts and escapes.

The scary moment of the night came early, when Francisco Rivera KO’d Fernando Bernstein. When Rivera’s hard right hook connected to the left side of Berstein’s face you heard a loud hollow cracking sound (all of us in the press pit concluded it may have been a broken jaw, but no official details have come out) sending Bernstein crashing to the mat. Referee Herb Dean and the ring side Doc examined Berstein, Dean waved in the paramedics and they carried him out on a stretcher.

Also in the arena were “King” Mo Lawal from Strikeforce, Cub Swanson was in the corner for his brother Steve, Karo Parisyan, and Judo legend Gene Lebell who is also known for beating Bruce Lee in a grappling match and then trained Lee – which is why you see Lee use some submissions in his movie Enter The Dragon.

Overall the event was amazing and kept me amped and excited the whole night, with plenty of oohhh and ahhhh moments. If you live near by the Ontario, California area you’d better come check out this promotion next time. You can head on over to CalledOutMMA.com for more details and info on their next event.

We would like to send out a special thank you to Called Out creator, Steve Miller for inviting us and to the entire Called Out promotion staff and the Citizens Bank Arena staff for their hospitality.

[Photographers: Steve Wade & Ray Ibanez]