Shock and awe came upon us this past Friday night as Josh Burkman released Jon Fitch from a guillotine choke, revealing his limp body, prior to the referees official stoppage. Following the fight we caught up with Burkman to get a walk-through on exactly how he pulled off the upset over the former top UFC contender.

“I knew that I hit him hard, because of how my hand felt. I knew he was hurt. I went, I put that guillotine on. I was just going to pick it right up. In my training I practiced not going to my back  on the guillotine. I think it definitely surprised him. I felt him fight it, so I locked it on. I felt it get real tight and when it was tight I felt him go limp. “

Burkman may have made quick work of his opponent, but he did not leave unscathed. We noticed a hand-splint that he would explain was an injury from his fight with Aaron Simpson that he had came into the bout with. The top WSOF contender says he will now look to fully heal the injury in preperation for his title fight.

“I got stem-cell and things went pretty good. My doctor said if you hit him hard enough you’re probably going to hurt your hand. I hurt my hand in a different place and it kind of hurt through the whole thing. I’ll go and see the orthodic, but it’s nothing serious. The doctors said he’s done it a couple of times and I’ll be in a little splint for six-weeks. Gives me time to heal up, get my head right and process all this. I’ll be ready to go when it’s time.”

What are the chances that an eight month old baby could predict the outcome of two mixed-martial arts fights back-to-back? According to the victor, his son did just that with the help of a poster.

“I showed my little boy the poster. There was Tyson Steele and Steve Carl  and I said, who am I going to fight for the belt? My little boy hit Steve Carl in the face. I said are you sure? Who’s it going to be? Then he hit him in the face again, he’s eight months old you know. My little boy was right, so maybe it’s me and Steve Carl for the belt.”