Bob Shamrock with Ken ShamrockBob Shamrock – adopted Father to both great athletes Ken, and Frank Shamrock passed Thursday (Jan. 14th, 2010) at the age of 68, after a long battle with diabetes.

He passed surrounded by loved ones in his eldest son and UFC hall-of-famer  Ken Shamrock’s home.

Bob Shamrock is best known for his establishment of the Susanville boys home. A center for trouble kids, in which Ken and Frank both came through and were welcomed into the Shamrock family.

Ken and Frank both have spoken past how their father handled disputes.”If we had a problem, he would have us put on the gloves in the back and settle it.”

Ken was also quoted saying: “My dad had an unbelievable light with these kids – I’ve never seen anybody able to take a defiant kid into their home, and handle them like my father could – willing to get into a fight with them if he had to because of disrespect and then turn around and hug them and let them know, the minute you give me respect – I’ll give you respect. Everyone that came in contact with my dad – you could tell he made a difference in their life. I’ve never seen anyone have that much success with kids. I’ll miss him and I’m forever thankful.