Asylum Fight League has announced that not only is the New Jersey based promotion going to put on a middleweight grand-prix this November, but that the competition will be a single night, elimination tournament, old school style.  According to veteran promoter Carl Mascarenhas , the tournament is expected to take place November 2nd, in the Caribbean Island of Saint Lucia.

“We’re there; we found a home in Saint Lucia. The people were fantastic” Mascarenhas told Caged “The boxing commission there, the Prime Minister of Sports, the Prime Minister of Tourism, they were fabulous to deal with and they welcomed us with open arms.”

The Asylum Grand Prix will feature 16 middleweight fighters, and the promotion aims to recruit two competitors each from the U.S., Germany, Russia, Brazil, England, Italy, Holland and the Caribbean. The winner of the grand prix will take home $100,000.

“The fighter will fight a total of 25 minutes on route to his title,” said Mascarenhas, while discussing the format for the single night, elimination tourney. “We’ve broken that down into different rounds, and we’ve also broken down the fact that we won’t have a replacement fighter coming in.”

“I think that was one of the biggest pet peeves of mine, is seeing these guys go to town and give everything, and then a person get’s injured, and all of a sudden a fresh guys walks in and takes the title,” furthered Mascarenhas. “That’s so unfair. Our unique format now eliminates that process altogether. Every fighter who fights in our tournament will have the same level of bumps and bruises, and fatigue as the next guy.”

The AFL plans to hold tryouts in the U.S. this June in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. Fighters who are interested in competing can email their resumes and links to their fight footage to [email protected].

“My whole goal in this tournament is to find a fighter out there, who’s undiscovered, who can turn around and beat any champion, whether it be Anderson Silva to anybody at 185,” Mascarenhas noted. “I want to find that guy.”