According to several reports, UFC fighter Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, who in 2009 was arrested on charges of domestic violence, as well as two other misdemeanor charges, has finally gotten sentenced in Almeda County, CA. to serve three years on probation, as well as doing community service and attending domestic violence counseling.

On Wednesday, the court reached a verdict rendered in the case on August 2nd.

Stated in court documents, Johnson plead “nolo” which basically means no contest, to a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence. The two other charges were dropped as part of the court proceedings.

He was sentenced to the three years probation and also must serve eight hours community service at a local boys’ club and one day in county jail.

Also another part of his sentence includes 52 weeks of domestic violence counseling. Johnson has also been ordered to reappear in front of the judge on September 7th to determine any “restitution   for court costs,” as well provide proof that he attended domestic violence counseling and did his community service.