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Ring girl Laura Celeste is one of the more stunning ring girls in the business. We caught up with Miss Laura for a Q and A about life as ring girl, the opportunities it leads to, and for a few details about the Staten Island bombshell herself. Be sure to pay attention to Miss Celeste in 2013, as the extremely affable ring girl looks to have a big year.

CI: So did your modeling career come before or after being a ring girl? Was it by chance or something you always wanted to do?

I went from being a ring girl to a model. I was always into fitness and a fan of MMA and the UFC, it was a perfect match for me. Ring carding has opened many doors over these past few years, more than I could have ever imagined.

CI: Social media has really changed a lot of careers in today’s world. How has social media impacted your career? Do you have Twitter/Facebook?

When I came on the scene we only had MySpace. I guess Miss Celeste showed her age a bit lol. Now social media is amazing, it can bring careers to whole new depths. If we had what we have now when I started it would have been a different world for me. You can follow me on twitter @lauraceleste and I have a fan page on Facebook. I am a huge instagram addict, you follow my adventures @misslauraceleste.

CI: What has been your favorite MMA show that you have worked as a ring girl?

I have many favorite shows. But it’s the promotions of Ring of Combat and Asylum Fight league that I loved working for and found a real MMA family.