Rachel-Wray-MMA 2

Looks like Ronda Rousey could possibly have even more competition coming her way. Not just in the cage, but in the looks department as well. Former NFL Kansas City cheerleader, Rachel Wray intrigued many when she earned a second round TKO of her opponent in her first amateur bout at KCMMA. She is currently awaiting another opponent at KCMMA, scheduled Jan. 25th at Harrah’s Casino in Kansas City.

The young talent credits her successful transition to MMA to her training camp HDMMA gym, where she trains five days a week on her Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai, as well as paying for private one-on-one lessons on the side. Her goal? To be fighting in the same organization as her the woman she says she looks up to, Ronda Rousey. Check out the pics below.