Charmaine Tweet’s last trip into the Invicta FC cage ended in disaster – with the “disaster” taking the form of the force of nature known as Cris Cyborg.

That one was ugly, and her bout tonight at Invicta FC 17 was almost just as ugly… if not for the rabbit she pulled out of her hat.

Taking on the punch-happy Latoya Walker, Tweet started off the bout eating punch after punch, and when it went to the ground it went there because Walker wanted it.

Still, Tweet kept going, managing to find a home for her punches when they returned to their feet, and pecking away at Latoya with elbows when they clinched.

Then came Tweet’s spinning backfist from hell, which sent her foe stunned to the canvas. The hammerfists that followed were purely academic – Walker was done, and the referee stepping in was an inevitable mercy.


Result: Charmaine Tweet def. Latoya Walker via TKO (Punches) at 3:41, R1