Blame it on the summer heat making people crazy, or blame it on the boredom that has settled over us like a shroud ever since Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor stopped being steady Octagon occupants. But there’s been talk of former champ Jon Jones fighting former champ Brock Lesnar… and that’s just nonsense.

Obviously, a fight like that would be huge. Jones could be considered one of the best to ever set foot in the cage, Lesnar could be considered one of the most compelling heavyweight stars the UFC has ever had, and a clash between the two could set monster pay-per-view records.

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But Jones and Lesnar both marked their last respective UFC fights with failed drug tests, and while Lesnar fled to the more forgiving realm of pro wrestling, Jones is stuck in the kind of USADA limbo that could potentially stretch on for years.

In other words, ain’t no way in hell these two cats are fighting anytime soon.

So of course there’s been talk of the match-up, and now some sportsbook is offering odds on the fight. As per MMAJunkie:

But the mere possibility of the Lesnar matchup, which would require former longtime light-heavyweight titleholder Jones to move up a weight class, has gotten some folks – including oddsmakers – in speculation mode.

So, one sports book, Bovada, has posted opening lines for the possible bout:

Jon Jones: -350 (2/7)
Brock Lesnar: +260 (13/5)

As of today, that opening line hasn’t budged.

At those odds, a winning $100 bet on 30-year-old Jones would result in a net profit of $28.57 (implied win probability of 77.8 percent). A winning $100 bet on Lesnar, meanwhile, would net a profit of $260 (27.8 percent win probability).

Mentioning Jones and Lesnar in the same sentence is just wishful thinking – on the part of the UFC, which very badly needs a superstar superfight to fill up the pay-per-view portion of their accounting ledger, and on the part of the fans, who very badly need something to look forward to beyond Robert Whittaker fighting Yoel Romero for a third time.

If you want to look at things from a psychological slant, then all this talk of things that cannot possibly happen points toward… desperation.