Fighters like Chris Weidman and Jon Jones have demonstrated that Vitor Belfort can be taken out on the ground, but as his karate coach recently outlined, the guy’s pretty, pretty scary on his feet.

Yes, while Belfort is one of the more polarizing figures in MMA, there’s no denying that the guy can crack. Since the Brazilian star entered pro MMA, he’s demonstrated he can throw hands like nobody’s business, and in recent years, he’s added vicious kicks to his arsenal. Case in point, in his last 10 victories, 9 have come way of KO or TKO.

Up next, Belfort is scheduled to fight galaxy class grappler, “Jacare” Souza. The bout will co-headline UFC 198 on May 14th. Recently Belfort’s karate coach, Vinicio Antony, recently had this to say about the legend to

“Avoid grappling and do everything possible to keep the fight standing until he connects with the right blow to decide the fight,” Antony said. “We have a lot of respect for ‘Jacare,’ but there is one field in the game where Belfort is almost invincible. In that area, he is really superior to most opponents. He is one of the few guys in the division who is able to decide a fight with one blow.”

Now sure, Anderson Silva bombed out Belfort with that front kick we’ve all seen a bazillion times at this point. But, chances are Souza will be looking to take this fight down.

It should also be noted that Antony dismissed the idea that Belfort doesn’t have a good ground game, and noted that Weidman is a BJJ black belt, “The Phenom” was rocked etc. It is true that Belfort’s also a black belt–ask Jones’ arm about that–but at the end of the day, a lot of dudes have paid for standing with the middleweight.

UFC 198 will take place in Curitiba, Brazil. In the headliner, heavyweight champ Fabricio Werdum will take on Stipe Miocic.