Usually, fighters can get away with having the tiniest bit of marijuana in their system. But not so with UFC 225, which is taking place in the Republik of Illinois.

Apparently Illinois has a zero-marijuana policy, so the UFC has cautioned the fighters supposed to take part in that card to chill with the bong hits for now.

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Those fighters include main eventers Robert Whittaker and Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza, co-main eventers Rafael dos Anjos and Colby Covington, and the likes of CM Punk, Holly Holm, Allistair Overeem and Clay Guida. I don’t know how many of them use marijuana, although I do know that Guida drives around the country in a van dubbed “The Mystery Machine” solving crimes with a talking dog. Draw your own conclusions with that one.

Here’s MMAWeekly:

The fighters competing at UFC 225 have received a pre-emptive warning about rules set up by the Illinois State Athletic Commission that could adversely affect their drug testing results.

MMAWeekly obtained a copy of the memo sent to fighters and their camps ahead of UFC 225 with information about how the Illinois Commission treats positive tests for marijuana.

In Illinois, if an athlete shows any amount of marijuana (THC) during an in-competition drug sample, it will be flagged as positive. This is unlike the drug testing standards set forth by USADA, who oversees the UFC’s anti-doping program, where athletes are only required to stay under the 150 ng/mL limit for marijuana during an in-competition drug test, as set forth by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

“Because of Illinois’ no tolerance policy for marijuana, we recommend that marijuana use be discontinued for anyone participating on the UFC 225 card between now and the event,” the memo to UFC 225 fighters read.