UFC 162: “Silva vs. Weidman” will feature a main event that pits the best middleweight in the world – and maybe the best middleweight ever – against a young upstart who could very well have the skills necessary to dethrone him. But the rest of the card is just as compelling, and will see the likes of Chris Leben, Frankie Edgar, Roger Gracie and Mark Munoz throw down. So are you ready for some play by play courtesy of Dana Becker over at FightLine.com?

Preliminary Card (Facebook)

– Mike Pierce vs. David Mitchell:

Round 1: Pierce comes right out, searching for the knockout by throwing heavy bombs. Looking for a double-leg takedown now is Pierce, but Mitchell fights off it. Mitchell is taking advantage of Pierce continuing to go for a takedown, landing some nice strikes inside the clinch. Pair of knees to the body land by Mitchell, and one just misses off the chin. Pierce with his own knees to the body, and his appear to have done more damage with more power behind them. Mitchell spins out of the clinch and eats a huge right hand for his effort.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Pierce

Round 2: Right back to the clinch against the fence is this battle, as Pierce bullies Mitchell. Pierce grinding on him, and Mitchell answers his corner and gets free. Big overhand misses by Mitchell and Pierce goes right back to the clinch. Pierce connects and drops Mitchell, following up with several uncontested rights on the ground and this one is over. It was a vicious left hook that floored Mitchell.

Mike Pierce def. David Mitchell via TKO (strikes) at 2:55 of Round 2

– Seth Baczynski vs. Brian Melancon:

Round 1: Melancon with a kick to the lead leg and follows it up with a big left hand that lands. Another to the body, and Melancon is looking strong in the early portion of this one. Baczynski with a massive reach advantage, and uses it to land a front kick. Second body shot by Melancon, who has the attention of Baczynski. And another left by Melancon, who has done damage in these first two minutes. Cut over the right eye of Baczynski, who looks rattled and wounded. Melancon lands a counter left that drops Baczynski and he pounces. Big upkick by Baczynski connects, as Melancon gets up and wants to get back to striking on the feet. Swelling now over the right eye, and Baczynski hits a counter of his own. Baczynski has him tied up against the fence and hits a knee to the body, but he is definitely feeling the strikes. Melancon with a shoot and he scores on a single-leg takedown with a minute left. Nice ground-and-pound, including a knee to the body. Just as the bell is getting ready to sound, Melancon drops down and lands a huge right and several more, and this one is all over, as Baczynski is out cold.

Brian Melancon def. Seth Baczynski via KO (strikes) at 4:59 of Round 1

Prelim Card on FX

– Edson Baboza vs. Rafaello Oliveira:

Round 1: Barboza flashes his leg power, landing a big kick to start the fight and following up with a hook. Another stiff kick to the lead leg of Oliveira. Exceptionally quick switch kick and one more to the body that nearly drops Oliveira. Barboza is continuing to pepper Oliveira with kicks. Oliveira shoots for a second time and gets denied, eating a spinning back kick for his efforts. Oliveira is hobbling, as his left leg is bloody and bruised, along with some intense swelling already starting. Barboza ends the round with a spinning wheel kick that lands – but just a glancing blow.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Barboza

Round 2: Barboza catches a kick, lands a right that floors Oliveira, and asks that his countryman get back to his feet – he wants this one standing. Back to the lead leg, which is more pink and red than anything else right now. Barboza fires off another kick that buckles the leg and drops Oliveira, as does another, and the referee has seen enough, calling this one off as Oliveira could not stand anymore.

Edson Barboza def. Rafaello Oliveira via TKO (leg kicks) at 1:44 of Round 2

– Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Dave Herman:

Round 1: Well, just as soon as you think Gonzaga wants a submission, he floors Herman with a thunderous right hand and this one is over. Gonzaga lands a couple of unneeded punches on the ground, and the referee swarms in to save Herman.

Gabriel Gonzaga def. Dave Herman via TKO (strikes) at :17 of Round 1

– Norman Parke vs. Kazuki Tokudome:

Round 1: Big leg kick by Parke as the two southpaws square off in the center of the Octagon. Hook lands by Parke, but Tokudome answers right back with a strike of his own. Overhand left connects, but Tokudome doesn’t flinch. Parke really snapping off his leg kicks, and lands another left. Parke scores a quick takedown, as Tokudome pops back to his feet in an instant. Parke drops down again, but Tokudome takes advantage and rolls into the guard with a couple minutes left in the round. Neither fighter gaining an advantage on the ground, but Parke reverses and ends things on top.

Round 2: Tokudome’s corner was concerned with what happened at the end of the round, but nothing was said regarding an injury. Exchange of leg kicks by the two, and Tokudome catches Parke getting a little too close. Now it’s Parke coming back with heavy lefts, but Tokudome remains upright. One-two combo lands by Parke, as the Japanese fighter is not showing any concern with defense. Again, three straight lefts connect by Parke, and another. Parke shoots and hits a single-leg.

Round 3: Tokudome with a takedown, but Parke reverses things right away and has hold of his head. Tokudome back to his feet and fires off a pair of solid elbows, but he’ll need to do more over these final three minutes if he wants to win. Back to the ground and Tokudome is inside the guard. Tokudome lands a head kick and scores with a huge takedown. Parke, though, quickly gets back to his feet with 90 seconds left. After 14 minutes, these two are still exchanging and standing, throwing lefts at will at each other.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Tokudome

Norman Parke def. Kazuki Tokudome via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

– Chris Leben vs. Andrew Craig:

Round 1: Leben, competing for the 21st time in the UFC, comes right out after Craig and is working for a single-leg takedown. Leben again working the single-leg, but Craig defends well. Craig connects with a knee to the face off the clinch, but Leben comes right back and finally gets the takedown. Good exchange by the two, as Leben continues coming in and applying the pressure. Craig lands a big right, but Leben comes right back.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Leben

Round 2: Much like the first, it’s Leben the aggressor, coming right out after Craig. Big knee off the clinch by Craig lands, as he goes back to making Leben chase and catch him. Craig successfully defends his sixth of seven takedown attempts, and fires off another knee. Elbow catches Leben coming in, as the veteran looks winded with two-plus minutes to go. Again, another counter attack by Craig.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Craig

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Craig

Round 3: Craig withstands an attack by Leben and goes on the offensive himself, dropping “The Crippler” and pouncing. Craig is on top, hammering down lefts and rights, but Leben seems to have recovered and is back to his feet. A loud chant of “Leben” begins, and the fighter takes notice. Big right uppercut connects by Craig, as Leben clinches against the fence. Craig knocks Leben down with nothing more than a shove, as he likely caught him off balance. Leben is working for a potential triangle from his back, now moving to a kimura, but is unable to secure it. We go under a minute and Craig is in the guard of Leben on the mat. Leben gets to his feet and is still throwing rights, but easily gets taken down by the fresher fighter.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Craig

Andrew Craig def. Chris Leben via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

Main Card Pay-Per-View (PPV)

– Cub Swanson vs. Dennis Siver:

Round 1: A touch of gloves and this one is on. Both of these men like the knockout, so expect some crazy power. Siver tosses out a kick-left hand combo, as Swanson drops and lands a body shot. Swanson ducks under twice and does some work to the body, avoiding any punishing shots. Swanson throws his own spinning back kick, but is too close and Siver is able to catch him and take him to the mat. Siver trying to pass, but is unable to. Siver into side control, but is able to get a partial mount in as Swanson tries to slip out. Swanson attempts a guillotine, and Siver decides to bring it back to the feet.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Siver

Round 2: First spinning back kick by Siver, but Swanson blocks most of it. Good exchange, as Swanson works the body and Siver throws at his head. Another strike-kick combination from the Russian-born Siver, and Swanson throws out a cartwheel kick like it is nothing. Siver is looking a little sluggish, as he drops a lot of weight to make featherweight; Swanson, meanwhile, looks as fresh as the first minute. Huge kick to the body by Swanson, as this has been a less-than-thrilling round. Swanson lands an uppercut that forces Siver to go for a takedown, which Swanson reverses things and goes to the mount with 40 seconds left.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Swanson

Round 3: Not much on the leg kicks by Siver to start the round, and Swanson lands his own right-hand kick combo. Swanson connects with a series of heavy right hands and Siver goes flying across the mat. Swanson pounces, attacks and this one is over, as he earns his fifth straight victory in impressive fashion.

Cub Swanson def. Dennis Siver via TKO (strikes) at 2:24 of Round 3

– Mark Munoz vs Tim Boestch:

Round 1: Front-kick by Boetsch to close the distance, following with a double-leg takedown. Munoz, though, reverses and the two wind up back on the feet. Boetsch with a power takedown and moves to the back, landing a stiff right. Munoz right back to his feet, but Boetsch is landing knees to the legs. Boetsch pushes forward, hitting a right and a knee to the body, followed by another stiff knee. That allows Munoz to grab a leg and get his own takedown. Boetsch up to his feet, Munoz scores a takedown, but Boetsch rolls to his feet. Munoz with a double-leg takedown, and moves to side control to avoid the guillotine choke. Munoz fires off several rights and gets answered in return. Knees to the body by the former Oklahoma State University wrestling NCAA champion inside the clinch, followed by knees to the body. Munoz with a nice flurry at the end of the round.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Munoz

Round 2: Munoz with a flying knee that misses, but shows his athletic ability. Both men look good, but a little slower after that first five minutes of action. Boetsch with a nice right, but Munoz catches him and scores a third takedown of the match. He gets into the mount, but only for a brief second before taking the back. Big shots to the body by Munoz, and Boetsch quickly stands up to stop that. A fourth takedown from Munoz with two minutes left and he is in position to do some ground-and-pound damage. Back to the body with some nasty shots.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Munoz

Round 3: Interesting flip by Boetsch, but he’s unable to secure the guillotine and winds up on his back. Boetsch turns and nearly gets a Japanese neck-tie, but Munoz gets out. Again, Boetsch going for a choke, as he must be thinking he is behind on the scorecards. Munoz slips out and is now on top, hammering down with his “Donkey Kong” punches. Three minutes remain and more punishment being given out. Munoz is punishing the rib area and avoiding submission attempts. Munoz going for a kimura of his own up against the fence, bending the left arm of Boetsch back but he can’t hold on. Munoz slips to the back and is looking for a rear-naked choke, but moves to the mount instead with a minute left. Munoz has landed over 100 ground strikes. Munoz finishes the round off with two flying right hands to the ground.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Munoz

Mark Munoz def. Tim Boetsch via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 29-28)

– Tim Kennedy vs. Roger Gracie:

Round 1: Chant of “Kennedy” right at the start. This is the first of three straight U.S. vs. Brazilian matches. Kennedy fires off a wild right and Gracie scores the takedown with ease. Gracie takes the back, but Kennedy gets to his feet. Gracie is a giant of a middleweight, holding a significant reach advantage and is keeping Kennedy at bay. Kennedy clinches, but Gracie reverses and scores a takedown. Right to the back with a body triangle locked in. Kennedy doing a great job of defending so far as we go under a minute. Kennedy spins out and survives as the round comes to an end.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Gracie

Round 2: Kennedy with a takedown of his own and some strong ground-and-pound, but Gracie lands an upkick. Kennedy back to the GNP and he has the back of Gracie, who rolls and gets to his feet. Kennedy holding court with the clinch against the fence, doing damage. Kennedy scores another takedown and moves to side control. Full-guard is up for Gracie with a minute left. Kennedy now striking with ease, as Gracie looks winded.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Kennedy

Round 3: Kennedy’s corner told him he has broken Gracie, and he’s coming out striking this round with leg kicks. Kennedy is plus-70 in total strikes, and he slips to the back for a takedown attempt, but is unable to get it. Gracie moves closer and drops for a takedown, scoring with it bu can’t keep him on the mat. Uppercut lands by Kennedy, and Gracie just shakes it off. Left connects by Kennedy, as Gracie is an easy moving target now.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Kennedy

Tim Kennedy def. Roger Gracie via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)