There’s so much to like about Nate Diaz.

For example, he won a season of TUF back when the reality show was still interesting, yet he’s managed to stay relevant.

He’s also dangerous as hell, has fought in the Octagon 23 times, lost nine times but has always been considered among the elite… there was even that time when he stepped in for an injured Rafael dos Anjos and fought some Irish guy named Conor McGregor. AND TAPPED HIM OUT.

Since then, Nate Diaz the Scrapper has become Nate Diaz the Superstar, and we’re just spectators in a world he pretty much runs.

During last night’s UFC Fight Night 126 in Austin, TX, Diaz was treated like a VIP and given some camera time during the broadcast. You know, like superstars and VIPs often are.

And of course, in that brief interlude of the camera focusing on Diaz, did our favorite Stockton Son pull out a joint and begin to spark up.

On live TV.

You have to think that in that brief half-second when a producer scrambled to flick the cut-away switch, there was panic in the broadcast truck.