Homegrown Bellator star Michael Chandler says his contract is up soon, but he wants to stick with Bellator. However, in a world full of speculation, what’s a little more?

Right now, Khabib Nurmagomedov is the UFC’s top dog at lightweight. Chandler thinks he can beat him. Like, ten times out of ten.

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Obviously, unless something drastic happens, we’ll never see this match-up. The UFC likes their Khabib, Bellator likes their Mike Chandler, and never the twain shall meet.

But what if…?

Here’s MMAJunkie:

“That’s the thing: From the outside perspective, people always think, ‘Bellator, UFC, ONE FC, blah blah blah,’” Chandler said. “I don’t think about promotions, I think about the guys. How do I match up against Khabib? How do I take exactly what Al Iaquinta did, except with my wrestling, and my striking, and my wrestling offense and defense.

“How I would nullify his takedowns, how I would even take him down, how I would get in his face, and how he would finally have somebody put hands on him and hurt him like Michael Johnson did? I think that picture has been painted a couple of times, of how to beat Khabib. And I think I beat him 10 times out of 10.”

Even though he lost the belt, it’s hard not to think of Chandler as Bellator’s best lightweight. So… do you think he can beat Khabib?