Technically, when a human body is separated from its head, all parties die. That’s essentially what Brazilian striker Edson Barboza does – he utilizes kicks and knees to knock people’s head off.

But apparently UFC Fight Night 128 opponent and fellow main eventer Kevin Lee is made of sterner stuff, because for sure Barboza decapitated him with a fantastic spinning wheel-kick. Yet somehow Lee survived.

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For the first two rounds, Lee did what he was supposed to do: employ his dominant, aggressive wrestling and top game to get Barboza down and batter him relentlessly from mount. Barboza, in his best moments, could only fight to regain half-guard and not get pounded into jelly.

But then in Round 3, seemingly out of nowhere, Barboza threw a spinning wheel-kick (his signature move) that nailed Lee in the head, and Lee was literally doing the Funky Chicken on baby giraffe legs around the Octagon.

Instinct had Lee go full-on wrestle mode, and when he recovered, it was back to getting his opponent down and beating on him.

Eventually, the damage Barboza wore had the doctors stopping things in the fifth round for a cut near his eye.


Results: Kevin Lee def. Edson Barboza via TKO (doc stoppage – cut) at 2:18, R5