Poor Junior dos Santos. The moment USADA determined that he’d failed a drug test, the amiable Brazilian and former heavyweight champ was thrown in chains and carted off to the gallows. Only with his head on the chopping block and the blade gleaming as it dangled above did the UFC’s drug-screening organization figure out that the failed drug test was from a tainted supplement.

Sadly, Dos Santos isn’t the only fighter to suffer from USADA’s less-than-swift but altogether brutal misguided justice. And like the rest, Dos Santos is a little shell-shocked over the whole affair.

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As per MMAFighting:

I spent nine months out and it was horrible. The problem is that you’re found guilty before anything else. You’re found guilty until proven innocent. That only happens with USADA. The law says you’re innocent until proven guilty [laughs]. It’s a pretty bad situation and I don’t wish anyone to go through it, especially those who have done nothing. It affected me a lot, but I consider myself a strong person, both mentally and physically. I’m happy that it’s in the past and, God willing, won’t happen again.

I have a fight now, and every time [USADA] comes, I try to show them everything I’m taking. I show everything, because I’m kind of afraid. I don’t know. It happened once when I did nothing. God forbid it happens again, so I get scared. That bothers me a lot.

USADA has cast a wide net and caught a lot of cheaters, but some innocent fish have been swept up, too. I don’t know how to fix that, but it definitely sucks.