The toughest opponent former light-heavyweight champ Jon Jones has ever faced is Swedish giant Alexander Gustafsson.

Actually, that’s not true. The toughest opponent Jon Jones has ever faced is marijuana, cocaine, steroids and himself, but whatever. Gustafsson gave him a hell of a fight in the cage, and nearly beat him.

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Recently, Gustafsson announced that he’s signed a new contract with the UFC, and in an interview somewhere mentioned his fight with Jones.

Jones – the great Jones – hath responded.

See, this is kind of perplexing. There is no way in hell Jones is coming back anytime soon, thanks to his last drug test failure and a less-than-brilliant defense to it. I guess he just wants to keep people talking?

Anyway, sure. Gustafsson will never beat Jones…

…Because Jones is going to be suspended and sniffing that yayo forever.