It’s almost unfair the amount of power John Lineker wields in his fists. Seriously, it borders on superpowers.

At last night’s UFC 224, Brian Kelleher found himself on the receiving end of all that heavyweight force in bantamweight gloves, with Lineker putting hands on him early and often.

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In the first round, it was a Lineker hook that sent Kelleher to the canvas. In the second, it was repeated hooks to the body and head that had Kelleher fleeing for his life. And in the third, it was more Lineker left hands that sealed the deal.

For his part, Kelleher just about did everything right. But what can you do when your opponent ignores your punches, kicks and spinning backfists simply because he likes punching you in the face?

As long as he makes weight, Lineker is a total badass.