When it comes to providing us with some decent talent, Dana White’s “Lookin’ for a Fight” show has given us… well, it’s given us Sage Northcutt, and a bunch of other cats who are years away from challenging for a UFC belt (if ever).

But somewhere along this journey, this show became less about finding fighters and more about watching White and travel companions Matt Serra and Din Thomas do silly things in different parts of the country. Sure, they take in some local fights at the end of every episode, but to me, it’s far more entertaining to see Serra make an igloo out of polar bear crap than it is to see Johnny Local Fighter earn a UFC slot he doesn’t deserve.

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So here we are, with season three-episode two, and our intrepid explorers check out Memphis, TN.

The most interesting thing they do is participate in some pro wrestling match, because that’s what everyone does whenever they go to Memphis. And in true Anthony Bourdain style, they dig into some fried chicken and dig deeper into some blues music. Given the respective personalities of White, Serra and Thomas, it’s all pretty amusing – dare I say funny?

Give it a watch.