The losses keep piling up for aging veteran Joe Lauzon, who made a name for himself as the crazy-skilled dude who leaves a pint of blood in the cage nearly every fight.

Chris Gruetzemacher washed out of TUF 22, and has been submitted twice since then, so I guess he’s being tossed to Lauzon as an easy “W”?

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For the first minute of Round 1, Lauzon is a man on fire, blasting away with his boxing and forcing Gruetzemacher to cover up and retreat.

But then Lauzon is utterly spent, and for the rest of the round and throughout all of the second, Gruetzemacher is taking big chunks out of Lauzon with his fists. Lauzon throws occasional strikes in return, and at one point tries to threaten with a heelhook when they’re on the ground – too bad he’s a bloody mess, and only getting bloodier with each passing moment.

It’s ugly, it’s brutal, and when Round 2 ends, Lauzon’s corner mercifully throws in the towel.

Stick a fork in Lauzon, he’s gotta be done.


Result: Chris Gruetzemacher def. Joe Lauzon via Corner Throwing in the Towel at 5:00, R2