Lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov is finally getting the big fight he deserves at UFC 229 this weekend.

Sure, he won the belt, and by default, anytime you win a belt it should be considered a “big” fight. But he did it by defeating Al Iaquinta – a tough, but part-time fighter – and the bout everyone wanted, against Tony Ferguson, constantly eluded him.

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Now it’s time for Conor McGregor, the biggest star of all. Khabib is undoubtedly getting pay-per-view points for his role, and since it’s Conor we’re talking about, that means the Dagestani is going to make bank like never before.

But a question remains. Sure, McGregor can easily knock out wrestlers, and could very well put Nurmagomedov to sleep on Saturday night. And Khabib can certainly take McGregor down and pound him into oblivion…

…But if Khabib does, then what?

When Nate Diaz defeated McGregor in their first go-around, it set up one of the most anticipated UFC fights ever. Seriously, Diaz got so rich off the rematch, he now owns slaves.

What will a victory mean for Nurmagomedov, though? Will there be a rematch, and another chance for both me to soak up more pay-per-view percentage points?

Honestly, it’s probably not up to Nurmagomedov what happens next if he wins. Nor is it up to the UFC.

It will be up to Conor.