If they had met in the cage a few years ago, the battle between former champ Andrei Arlovski and towering Dutchman Stefan Struve would’ve been a nail-biter of lightning-like punches and brain-rattling kicks.

But alas, they met at UFC 222 in the twilight of their careers, so we got two men with no real bite left in their game.

For Arlovski, that meant takedowns – yes, takedowns, which we’ve never seen from him before. Sure, he’s always had submissions to call upon, courtesy of his sambo background. Takedowns, though? Well, if Struve was expecting just strikes, “The Pitbull” certainly confused him, scoring two takedowns in the first, and nailing them again and again in later rounds.

This tactic definitely threw a wrench in whatever Struve had planned. He had a leglock attempt in the second, but otherwise, whenever he threw kicks and punches, his range and timing were off because he had to worry about going horizontal.

Sadly, Arlovski never was a wrestler, so much of what played out was a lot of hugging. But what do you expect from two future Bellator heavyweights?

Results: Andrei Arlovski def. Stefan Struve via Unanimous Decision