To say the odds are against UFC female flyweight champ Nicco Montano would be an understatement. When she fights at UFC 228 this weekend, she literally has almost zero chance of successfully defending her belt.

Heck, she has almost zero chance of survival. And some of that is because, since winning her belt at the culmination of some season of TUF, Montano has been frickin’ AWOL (absent without leave, a ghost, a mythological creature that may or may not ever have existed), which undoubtedly makes her rusty as hell. But most of her doom centers around the fact that her opponent is Valentina Shevchenko.

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Valentina Shevchenko the top bantamweight challenger. Whose only two losses in the Octagon are to bantamweight champ Amanda Nunes, and both of which were narrow decision losses.

Shevchenko is going to murder Montano. It’s not even going to be close.

Just take a look at their respective resumes. A glance at Montano’s and it seems as if she’s just starting out, giving this MMA thing a try while she works towards an associate’s degree at the local community college.

Meanwhile, Shevchenko’s record paints another portrait entirely. After years of amateur kickboxing, and years of being a Muay Thai champ, she jumped into the cage. There, she’s beaten the likes of Julianna Pena, Sarah Kaufman and Holly Holm. HOLLY HOLM!

Thus far in her UFC career, Montano has earned a decision over Roxanne Modafferi. And chilled on the sidelines for almost a year.

Never mind their respective strengths and weaknesses. With the massive disparity in their experience, it won’t matter if Montano can throw a decent punch or kick hard or summon the Great Spirit. Shevchenko is going to crush her.

Anyway, here’s Daniel Cormier hyping the fight.