Yesterday the World Series of Fighting announced an ambitious one-night, eight-man lightweight tournament for their show in November. I was skeptical, but figured sure, why not tune in and watch it all unfold? Well, it turns out that the proposed venue of Seattle, in the good state of Washington, is a non-starter, since STATE LAW BANS ALL ONE-NIGHT, EIGHT-MAN TOURNAMENTS.

As per the Combat Sports Law blog:

I reached out to the Washington State Department of Licencing on whether they planned to approve this event. They confirmed the event has not been approved and that legislation prohibits it. Sandra Gonzales, the Departments Combative Sports Program Manager, responded as follows –

“Thank you for your inquiry and link to an article regarding a possible elimination tournament to be held in Washington State.

However, we have not approved this event and you are correct that Washington State law prohibits these types of events.”

You’ve got to hand it to the WSOF. Usually, when people see a brick wall, they take steps to avoid it, but the WSOF runs at it full speed and wakes up on the ground with a concussion.

Here’s Ali Abdel-Aziz backtracking on his Seattle talk with Ariel Helwani:


Already this is the best tournament ever.