The World Series of Fighting – the number three MMA promotion in the world, and the place where fighters go when they want absolutely no one to see them fight – has announced that they’ll be hosting a one-night, eight-man lightweight tournament at their WSOF 25 event on November 20. Names expected to compete in the tournament include UFC vet Mike Ricci, veteran fighter Jorge Patino, and Dagestani native Islam Mamedov.

Here’s WSOF VP Ali Abdel-Aziz trying to talk the tournament up:

“I think fans should be excited about it, because there’s so much MMA out there. People are getting kind of tired, a little bit. There’s so many shows. It’s true,” Abdel-Aziz said.

“That’s good for the hardcore fan, but when you have an eight-man tournament, you want to sit in front of the TV and watch which gladiator is going to win the tournament — which one is going to wrap his knee and go back into the second round, then is going to ice his eye from swelling and go back and fight this other gladiator and be a champion.”

Look, I love a good one-night, eight-man tournament as much as the next guy. They were, after all, what the original UFC was all about. But right now the WSOF name is synonymous with “Geez, why are they still in business?” So whatever. If this thing happens, maybe I’ll DVR it. But I guarantee more people would rather pay to watch a tumbleweed roll across their TV screen for three hours than watch a WSOF event, so this WSOF installment could very well be a stinker.