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Round 1: De Anda counters a leg kick with a nice right cross. De Anda landing nice straight punches. Spong kicking the legs. De Anda countering nicely still with nice punches. Spong landing some devastating leg kicks, and De Anda just eating them like nothing. De Anda leading with his right cross and finding success with it for the most part. Spong turns it up near the end of the round, throwing more leg kicks and adding some hooks. Spong looking to steal the round. 10-9 Spong

Round 2: Immediately Spong throwing everything he has into his leg kicks. When De Anda looks to lead with the cross, Spong now decides to throw hooks at him. Spong throwing murderous leg kicks now. De Anda looks for a takedown but he doesn’t even come close. Spong now walking right through the straight punches coming from De Anda. He is walking him down and chopping the left leg of De Anda. These leg kicks are just nasty. Spong lands a fierce right hook to the head and left hook to the body combo just before the round ends. De Anda is tough as nails man, there isn’t a mark on him. 10-9 Spong

Round 3: Spong is now focused on kicking. I think that he broke his hand on De Anda’s iron skull somewhere in the second round. He kicks the legs like mad, and he is playing defense now. He is circling and kicking, knowing that he is up on the scorecards. De Anda is still looking for that lead straight right, but Spong now sees it coming everytime. Spong coasts throughout the rest of the fight and batters De Anda’s legs along the way at his leisure. De Anda’s legs must be made of steel, this is amazing that he can take these type of kicks from a heavyweight kickboxer and still stand up. The round ends uneventfully. Wow, that cutgirl is fine looking. 10-9 Spong

Tyrone Spong (205) def. Angel DeAnda (205) via unanimous decision

Round 1: They touch gloves, and Hempleman looks to be showing a lot of nervous energy. He eats some leg kicks and a glancing head kick. He looks outmatched early. Hempleman bleeding from the bridge of his nose pretty badly. Hempleman darts in and out and gets hit with a mean right hook that puts him down. Moraes is all over him and lands about 10 or 15 punches in rapid succession. Hempleman is game and he recovers. Hempleman bleeding horribly. Man he has a a few cuts on his nose and forehead and he is bleeding SO badly. The ref stands them up and decides the doctor should take a look. A quick look and the doctor gives the thumbs up. Hempleman shows appeal and claps his hands and shouts into the crowd. They high five and finish the round in a flurry. 10-9 Moraes

Round 2: Hempleman cleaned up nicely in between rounds. Moraes kicks the lead leg of Hempleman, and Bas points out that the lead leg is marked up and swollen now. Hempleman is game, and he continues to dart in and out looking for combos. Moraes catches a kick and takes Hempleman down. Hempleman starting to bleed again, and he is looking to jab now. Moraes kicks the leg a few more times and Hempleman can’t help but limp. His leg is hurt badly. Hempleman can barely stand. Hempleman looks for a cartwheeling flying scissor heel hook. That was cool. How is Hempleman still standing? 10-9 Moraes

Round 3: Hempleman switches to southpaw, which is wise. Moraes decides to kick that leg instead. Moraes has slowed his output considerably. It looks like other than the leg kicks that he is not sure what to do to get Hempleman out of there. Moraes very inactive. Hempleman counters the leg kick with a right hand. Hempleman moving forward constantly, Moraes offering very little offense in this round. Moraes attempts some crazy spinning kicks that I cannot even identify near the end of the round. Both fighters kind of goofing off, and the round ends. 10-9 Moraes

It is worth noting that everyone after the fight is talking about Hempleman’s display of heart in defeat and not Moraes’ performance.
Marlon Moraes (136) def. Brandon Hempleman (136) via unanimous decision

Round 1: This is the first time that I have ever seen the president of a fight promotion enter the cage and fight on one of his own cards. This is crazy. Huckaba moving well for a big guy, looking like Mitrione in there. Huckaba landing jabs andquick crosses here and there. Sefo looking stationary and looking to land big, singular shots. About halfway through the round, Sefo decides to kick the legs. The kicks are hurting Huckaba, who is not checking them at all. They clinch. Sefo muscles him down and looks for elbows from side control. I’d give a razor thin edge to Sefo this round. 10-9 Sefo

Round 2: Huckaba showing nice footwork again early. Spinning back-kick from Sefo lands to the gut, Huckaba smiles. Shortly after a lead leg head kick from Sefo lands flush, and Huckaba claps and smiles. Sefo lands a mean right hook. Huckaba showing one hell of a chin, he is unfazed. Huckaba nicely counters the leg kick attempts with fast one-twos. He lands a few crosses and leg kicks of his own and backs Sefo up in the fence. Sefo kicks the legs again. He is setting up the high kick. Sefo attempts the high kick, and Huckaba sees it coming and counters with a mean left hook that puts Sefo on ice. He is hurt badly, and he backs up into the cage and covers up. Huckaba throws punches until the ref calls the fight. Good stoppage, Sefo was hurt and clearly was not going down. Amazing fight, huge victory for Dave Huckaba! They embrace for a while in the center of the cage once Sefo recovers and they talk. Great show of sportsmanship from the bossman. What a fight! I spilled my water everywhere.
Dave Huckaba (264) def. Ray Sefo (255) via TKO (punches) at 4:32 of round 2

Round 1: Griffin circles. Griffin looking to circle and kick the legs, and then when Cavalcante comes in he is countering nicely. Cavalcante times him and lands a left. Griffin kicking the legs again. Cavalcante stutters steps, and Griffin blasts a right cross-right uppercut combo. That was nice. More legs kicks from Griffin, Cavalcante switching stances often. Griffin wisely gets a takedown with ten seconds left. Cavalcante grabs a guillotine and does not let it go once the bell sounds. Referee and Griffin get pissed and yell at Cavalcante. 10-9 Griffin

Round 2: A furious exchange, and Griffin fails on the takedown attempt. He gets stuck in the sprawl position for a while. Cavalcante aggressive this round.Griffin looking to counter with an uppercut. Hard to score the round, many glancing blows from both guys. 10-9 Cavalcante

Round 3: Grffin jabbing it up, looking to set up the cross again. Cavalcante times a takedown. Cavalcante passes to half guard, and when Griffin tries to scramble out he passes to back mount. Cavalcante wraps up one arm and punches until the ref calls it. Controversial stoppage, Griffin pops right up and he is furious with the ref. He pleads his case, and the commission representatives intervene and try to force Griffin onto his stool. Griffin refuses. The commission really admonishing Griffin for not wanting to have a seat on his blue stool. Some awkward moments on camera, so they cut to Ray Sefo warming up.
JZ Cavalcante (156) def. Tyson Griffin (156) via TKO (punches) at 1:37 of round 3

Round 1:  Newell circles and feels out the standup of Caldwell. He gets a taste of a right hand, and Newell falls to his back. He doesn’t really look hurt, just stunned a little. He regains his composure quickly and gets back to his feet. He clinches and pushes Caldwell into the fence, and out of nowhere lands a spinning back elbow with his deformed arm! Epic! Wow, that was completely unexpected. They break apart and Caldwell returns to the center. Newell hits a quick double leg takedown and quickly looks to pass. Caldwell freezes up for a second, then he decides to scramble. In the scramble, Newell grabs the neck of Caldwell and sinks in a topside guillotine. It doesn’t look tight, but Newell commits to it fully and rolls into it. Caldwell’s body contorts, but he is stuck and forced to tap. Amazing victory for Newell.
Nick Newell (155) def. Keon Caldwell (156) via submission (guillotine) at 2:09 of round 1

Preliminary card

Gerald Harris (171) def. Jorge Santiago (170.2) via unanimous decision

Lewis Gonzalez (156) def. Antonio McKee (155) via technical unanimous decision (accidental foul)

Jared Papazian (136) def. John Robles (134) vid unanimous decision

Victor Valenzuela (150) def. Isaac Gutierrez (150) via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:41 of round 2