In a jiu-jitsu match, the jiu-jitsu guys always win. In a boxing match, the boxers always win. And when it comes to wrestling, of course those with extensive collegiate backgrounds and years of drilling takedowns and sprawls will have the edge. Which is to say, at yesterday’s Grapple at the Garden event – which took place in the arena at Madison Square Garden in New York City, and brought together top college wrestling teams for a meet, as well as pitted wrestling-centric MMA fighters against a team fielded by the legendary Renzo Gracie – the wrestlers invariably came out on top.


Though jiu-jitsu is their focus, some of the members of Renzo’s team did have some wrestling chops in their skillset. For instance, former UFC fighter Scott Jorgensen was a Division I wrestler at Boise State University, while UFC/WEC vet Damacio Page was a JUCO All-American at Cerritos College.


But the team fielded by Bellator champ Joe Warren, which featured dudes like Gray Maynard and King Mo, simply had too much experience in the sport.


At the end of the day, the only win Team Renzo scored was a decision in favor of Gregor Gracie. Otherwise, it was tech fall after tech fall, with the boisterous Warren playing to the crowd.


In the end, everyone shook hands and smiled (and Jorgensen and Warren went at it again, giving Warren the opportunity to kick Jorgensen’s butt twice).


The moral of the story: Don’t mess with wrestlers on their home turf. They will kill you.