In the early days of the UFC, Ken Shamrock would strut into the Octagon wearing nothing more than a mean face and a Speedo. And it worked for him – he was the original “World’s Most Dangerous Man”, in a time when that “dangerous” moniker was shared by assorted karate- and kung fu men who still had the population fooled as to their potential for badassery. But the evolution of the sport has brought us many things, things like notions of what a real fighter should be able to do, what a real fight should look like, and of course, what a real fighter should and should not wear into the cage.

In other words, you can’t be a tough guy and wear a Speedo anymore. (See: Dennis Hallman.)

However, a grassroots effort has begun to change that preconception. Sure, the young fighters on the roster of the burgeoning Speedo Fighting Championship don’t have a ring or a cage, and instead battle it out on the grass. And sure, they must often deal with some awful wedgies. But they’re doing their thing.

For evidence of their “thing”, watch below.