File this one under “Delusions of grandeur”:

The World Series of Fighting, who can’t seem to keep their fighters happy because they hold only a handful of shows a year, wants you to know that they can afford to bid on Fedor Emelianenko too.

If you’ll recall, the legendary Russian heavyweight announced his imminent return to competition earlier this week, and speculation ran wild that he would end up competing in Bellator’s spectacle-laden promotion or settle down with the UFC (my money is on Bellator).

Well, don’t count out WSOF, says the WSOF. As per MMAFighting:

WSOF executive vice president Ali Abdel-Aziz told that WSOF believes it has the resources to afford and lure the Russian legend.

“We’re just making moves,” Abdel-Aziz said. “We can afford Fedor. We can afford Brock Lesnar. We can afford whatever we want to afford. But somebody has to move the needle, and I think Fedor definitely moves the needle.”

Emelianenko, 38, announced his return to MMA earlier this week to much fanfare. The former PRIDE and Strikeforce star will likely command a ton of money and also the right situation. Abdel-Aziz believes WSOF can offer him both things, including the willingness to work in conjunction with M-1, run by Emelianenko’s manager Vadim Finkelchtein.

“If M-1 is interested in doing stuff with us, I’m open to do it,” Abdel-Aziz said. “It’s not only going to be World Series of Fighting. I think M-1 is an amazing promotion. They’ve been around for a long time. And I think if we want to go to Russia and do something with M-1 and Fedor is involved, some kind of co-promotion, I’m OK with that. I don’t know if any other promotion would do that, but we are open.”

I have yet to be able to sit through an entire WSOF event without giving up, doing something else, and watching the whole thing on DVR-fast forward. So yeah, they’ll surely land Fedor.