World Series of Fighting 6 is on tonight from Coral Gables, Florida — featuring the return of both Josh Burkman and Jon Fitch.

Burkman fights for WSOF’s inaugural welterweight title against Steve Carl in the main event, and Fitch fights in the co-main against Marcelo Alfaya. A solid lineup of MMA talent fills out the under card.

The event is to be aired on NBC Sports Network starting at 9 pm EST / 6 pm PST. We’ll have full results and play-by-play here, beginning with the preliminary bouts at 6:30 pm EST / 3:30 pm PST. Please join us!!!

Click here for a detailed preview of WSOF 6.

Preliminary Card: (aired at

Alexandre Pimentel     vs.     Jade Porter

These are featherweights. Rio’s Pimental is an acclaimed grappler. Porter is a partner of CB Dollaway and company in Arizona.

Round One: Pimentel stalking out of the southpaw stance to begin, Porter staying evasive. Pimentel glances a high kick and a 1-2, then a leg kick.  Nice kick to the liver from Pimentel. Both guys moving in and out quickly but little damage done by either. Pimentel finally corners Porter against the cage where they stay for a long sequence… and gets the takedown. Porter in open guard, “wall walks” to get back up. A liver kick from Porter. They disengage and time expires. 10-9 Pimentel.

Round Two: Porter trying to establish his jab as they dart in and out. Neither guy landing anything one minute in. Pimentel lands a hard leg kick and gets taken down, but Porter lets him back up. Pimentel rushes in and gets a takedown. Porter bounces back to his feet but Pimentel works to Porter’s back standing. They end up clinched against the cage again and disengage. Big liver kick by Pimentel, hard inside low kick by Pimentel. Porter fakes takedown and lands a right — his best shot of the fight. 10-9 Pimentel.

Round Three: Nice right hand – left hook combination by Porter who seems more confident to begin. Pimentel keeps stalking, follows a leg kick to takedown. Pimentel takes the back again. Porter turtled up and Pimentel punching to the head, looking for choke. Porter escapes, but Pimentel rocks back in a triangle. Beautiful transition. Porter taps!

Pimentel drops to his knees for full formal bow to Porter. Nice stuff.

Alexandre Pimentel defeats Jade Porter by submission (triangle) at 3:05 of round three.

Fabio Mello     vs.     Nick LoBosco

Two featherweights: Mello is an old vet from Brazil, now with Blackzillians. LoBosco is an undefeated prospect from St. Charles MMA in Missouri.

Round One: The two exchange low kicks to start. LoBosco looks a bit stronger. Southpaw Mello looking for a 3-2 combo but misses. LoBosco with a big right high kick to drop Mello! LoBosco stands over Mello raining down punches. Mello goes unconscious and LoBosco stops, referee halts the bout. Good win and good sportsmanship from LoBosco.

Nick LoBosco defeats Fabio Mello by knockout (kick/punches) at 2:02 of round one.    

Alexis Vila     vs.     Josh Rettinghouse

These are bantamweights. Vila is a Cuban wrestler now fighting out of ATT in Florida, Rettinghouse a young BJJ fighter from Spokane, WA.

Round One: Rettinghouse coming out swinging with leg kicks, backing Vila up. Rettinghouse misses a left hook, lands a hard leg kick. Good right from Vila but he’s being outlanded. Vila gets a standing guillotine, pushes Rettinghouse against the cage. Vila with a knee to the body, Rettinghouse escapes the hold. Rettinghouse with a double leg takedown, passes to side control. Vila escapes, they’re back to their feet. Vila with a nice left hook, and a 3-2 combination. Good leg kick by Rettinghouse as time expires. 10-9 Rettinghouse.

Round Two: Rettinghouse with leg kicks as Vila stalks him, looking for a lead left hook. Rettinghouse shoots in for a takedown and gets it but Vila right back up. Vila with overhand right. Series of kicks by Rettinghouse, to the leg and head.  Vila shoots in but Rettinghouse scrambles away. Vila with another right. Rettinghouse with another leg kick. Vila with a nice right hand counter as Rettinghouse comes in with punches. Extremely close round but I’ll give it to Vila. 10-9 Vila.

Round Three: Vila low kick, then a double leg. Rettinghouse goes for guillotine but no dice. Vila tries taking back, but they’re against the cage. Vila hits some knees to the legs and body. Rettinghouse springs to his feet and they square off center cage. Another takedown from Villa gets Rettinghouse against the cage for some knees to the legs and body. Rettinghouse rolls for kneebar and Vila disengages. They high-five. Great stuff! Rettinghouse with a flying knee. Vila hits a double, Rettinghouse working in guard. Rettinghouse bounces back up, hits a nice leg kick. Vila with another takedown, hits knees to the shoulder as Rettinghouse turtles. Time expires on an excellent fight. 10-9 round for Vila.

Josh Rettinghouse defeats Alexis Vila by unanimous decision (29-29, 29-28, 29-28).

Chad Robichaux     vs.     Andrew Yates

These are bantamweights. 38 year old Robichaux is a US Marine who fought in Strikeforce and Bellator, Yates is an undefeated young prospect  out of Wand Fight Team.

Round One: Robichaux attacks with a guillotine right away, and seems to get it… but Yates finally escapes and gets a slam to work in Robichaux’s guard. They reverse and Yates in “mission control” — looking for gogoplata. Robichaux lifts and drops him, advances to north-south. Robichaux looks for guillotine in another transition and ends up in Yates’ guard as time expires. 10-9 Robichaux.

Round Two: Robichaux caught in a Yates guillotine to start. Robichaux takes him down, Yates closes guard against the cage. Robichaux up, punches down hard with a right, advances to north-south. More ground-and-pound punching, gets mount. Yates immediately escapes, attacks with an armbar. Robichaux slips away, rushes in again and they’re against the cage. Robichaux tries a guillotine with two minutes left. Yates hits some pitter-patter punches to the body. Robichaux reverses, back into N-S, entangles Yates’ neck and puts him to sleep!

Chad Robichaux defeats Andrew Yates by Technical Submission (N-S Choke) at 4:09 of round two.

Jacob Volkmann     vs.     Luiz “Buscape” Firmino

These are lightweights. Volkmann is from Minnesota, Firmino is an old vet from Brazil, now fighting out of Blackzillians camp.

Round One: Firmino, orthodox, hits a 1-2. Volkmann, the southpaw, backpedaling to begin. Volkmann hits a nice knee to the body in the clinch. Volkmann with a good body kick, shoots in for takdown and gets Firmino down against the cage in a front headlock. Volkmann postures up, gets a few good punches. Firmino back up. Firmino with a takedown of his own, gets Volkmann in side control. Volkmann back up, Buscape with a 2-3, Volkmann with a body kick. 10-10, even round.

Between rounds, Pres. Sefo announces WSOF will visit Japan next year. Cool!

Round Two: Buscape shoots the takedown immediately, works Volkmann against the cage, then 1/2 guard. Volkmann escapes and Buscape with a good right hand. Buscape shrugs off a Volkmann takedown. Tepid striking exchange, Buscape looks for the takedown. They scramble against the cage and Volkmann lands in Buscape’s guard. More listless groundwork ends the round. 10-9, Firmino.

Round Three: Tepid standup to begin the round, Firmino witha knee to the body. Firmino shoots in and gets a double. Volkmann looking for an inverted triangle. Volkmann drops back for a leglock when that fails, and Firmino escapes to move into side control. Volkmann finally escapes to establish guard after several minutes. Volkmann finally escapes to establish guard after several minutes. Time expires on a disappointing fight. 10-9, Firmino.

Luis Buscape Firmino defeats Jakob Volkmann by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27).

Miguel Torres     vs.     Pablo Alfonso

Featherweights here. Former WEC bantamweight champ Torres is originally a Carlson Gracie standout from E. Chicago; he now fights with Blackzillians. Alfonso is from MMA Masters in Miami.

Round One: Both guys darting in and out to start, not landing much to start. Good left hook by Torres. Alfonso with a big straight left. Torres is shaken! Alfonso pouring it on with punches, gets Torres down to work in his guard. They scramble — and Alfonso gets a guillotine! Alfonso rocks back and he’s got it cinched. Torres taps.

Pablo Alfonso defeats Miguel Torres by submission (guillotine) at 3:05 of round one.

Main Card: (aired on NBC Sports Network)

Bas Rutten sounds intoxicated (again) as he does a vocal imitation of the old “Transformers” cartoon every time someone says “decagon.” Josh Burkman appears to be walking around backstage in a blazer and no shirt.  We’re off to a goofy start…

Dan Lauzon     vs.     Justin Gaethje

Lightweights. Lauzon (Joe’s kid brother) looked great using his Muay Thai against John Gunderson in June. Gaethje is an undefeated prospect with strong striking — and wrestling credentials to boot.

Round One: Both guys punching aggressively to start. Big right-left haymakers from Gaethje are landing. Gaethje with a nasty elbow shot backs up Lauzon. Nice leg kick from Gaethje. Right hook/left straight combo lands from southpaw Lauzon. Gaethje ducks a punch and lands a right. Inside leg kicks from Gaethje and Lauzon looks shaken. Big rights in the clinch as Lauzon is backed against the cage — head and body. They disengage and Lauzon is limping badly. Lauzon has to switch to orthodox but he’s getting knocked around the decagon. TIme expires on a big Gaethje round. 10-9, Gaethje.

Round Two: More leg kicks from Gaethje as Lauzon slowly tries to evade. Lauzon hits the deck from a leg kick but bounces back up. Lauzon hits an uppercut in the clinch. Gaethje lands another big right hand, plus an uppercut, and Lauzon goes down hard. Lauzon is out!

Justin Gaethje defeats Dan Lauzon by KO (punches) at 1:40 of the second round.

Jon Fitch     vs.     Marcelo Alfaya

Nice ovation from the Florida crowd for American Top Team’s Alfaya. Fitch, too actually.

Round One: Alfaya shoots almost immediately, gets Fitch down and holds in his half guard against the cage. Alfaya works to back as Fitch tries to scramble. He gets Fitch’s back, holding his waist in a triangle, looking for the choke. Good punching there from Alfaya. Fitch trying to elbow and punch Alfaya’s legs. Fitch finally sits out and explodes to his feet. They disengage as time sounds on a clear Alfaya round. 10-9, Alfaya.

Round Two: Fitch shoots in and gets a double. Alfaya scoots out for a leglock but Fitch spins out to escape. Big punching from Fitch. Alfaya spins to his feet and gets Fitch down. Fitch up to his feet and pushes Alfaya to the cage. Torrid pace to start. They grind against the cage for an extended sequence, then Fitch sprawls out of an Alfays takedown. Fitch has back to the cage now. Alfaya takes Fitch down, but he bounces right back up and lands a good uppercut. Jab-uppercut combo from Alfaya. Left hook to body from Fitch. Jab – uppercut from Fitch. Alfaya slow with his jab, Fitch crisp with his… and the round ends. 10-9, Fitch.

Round Three: Alfaya slips a Fitch right but gets nailed by a follow-up right. Uppercut from Fitch lands solidly. Alfaya shoots, Fitch sprawls, and they’re clinched against the cage again. Fitch with a 1-2 and a high kick. Big right from Fitch lands, and Alfaya shoots again. Fitch sprawls and they clinch  against the cage. They disengage, and Alfaya shoots again — but Fitch just keeps stuffing these takedowns. Big right hand drops Alfaya to the mat! Big hammer fists from Fitch, who sprawls out from an Alfaya takedown. In the clinch, Alfaya trying to maneuver to Fitch’s back but gets hammered with punches. Time expires on the round, and the fight. I’ve got it 10-9 Fitch.

Jon Fitch defeats Marcelo Alfaya by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).

Marlon Moraes     vs.     Carson Beebe

Moraes gets a nice promo video, showing how he has come up from poverty in Brazil and turned his career around here.

Round One:  Moraes catches Beebe coming in with an uppercut and he looks hurt immediately. Rights and lefts from Moraes as Beebe continues trying to advance. Big uppercut, Beebe looks shaken. Left hand over the top stops Beebe cold! A few punches on the mat and it’s all over.

At replay, Moraes’ footwork is particularly impressive. Good power too — Beebe had never been knocked out.

Marlon Moraes defeats Carlson Beebe by TKO (punches) at 0:32 of round one.

Josh Burkman     vs.     Steve Carl

Burkman enters to “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns n’ Roses, Carl to “Turn Me On” by David Guetta. There’s a contrast for you. Bas Rutten is a Guetta fan, which should surprise no one.

Round One: Both guys trying leg kicks to start. They clinch against the cage, Burkman turns Carl to get his back against the cage and scores the takedown, but Carl springs right back up. They disengage, both missing punches. Carl lands a straight left off a switch kick. Burkman with another takedown. Burkman with some effective punching but Carl is mostly keeping him tight. Nice elbow from Burkman in Carl’s full guard. Burkman postures up to catch a toe hold but Carl escapes. Burkman in side control — Carl scrambles to his feet, but time expires. 10-9 Burkman.

Round Two: Carl with round kick to the body, front kick, then shoots a takedown. Burkman struggles to reverse him and Carl ends up in guard. They scramble back up to their feet. Both guys looking for straight rights and lefts as they switch stances continuously. Good right from Carl. Carl gets a double leg and takes Burkman down. Carl cradling Burkman in half-guard, looking for his back — and advances to mount. Good punches from Carl, and Burkman establishes half-guard again. 10-9 Carl on my card.

Round Three: Good uppercut from Burkman in an exchange. Burkman tries his guillotine. Carl escapes. Burkman tries again, Carl frees his head as he takes Burkman down to side control, then works to mount. Punches, then back mount with hooks. Carl looking for a rear naked choke.  Burkman escapes and scrambles to his feet. Burkman catches Carl in a sprawl, works for a front choke, rolls him into a mounted guillotine. Carl escapes his neck but is still mounted. Carl escapes but ends up in another front choke. Burkman rolls him into side control, but fails to take advantage as time expires. 10-9 Carl on my card.

Round Four: Brief standup exchange, and Burkman keeps trying for the front choke. Carl flops backwards to his back. Burkman trying to pass the guard, and Carl catches him in a triangle choke! It’s tight… Burkman goes unconscious. We’ve got a champion!

Steve Carl defeats Josh Burkman by submission (triangle choke) at 1:02 of round four to become the inaugural WSOF Welterweight Champion.

Thank you for joining us! We hope to see you next time!!!