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WSOF 5 is on and poppin’ from Atlantic City, NJ tonight, with MMA action including Andrei Arlovski vs. Mike Kyle in a heavyweight main event. Be sure to refresh to keep this one up-to-date as we continue to report the action throughout the evening. Prelims are at 3 pm PST/6 pm EST; main card at 6 pm PST/9 pm EST.

Fight One: Neiman Gracie vs. Darren Costa (Middleweights)
: Neiman’s Uncle Renzo Gracie is cornering Neiman for this, his MMA debut. (Neiman is one of the teachers at Renzo’s NY academy.) Maryland’s Darren Costa is 0-1 in pro MMA.

Round One: Costa circles in southpaw stance. Gracie clinches immediately to press Costa to the cage. Costa initiates a takedown and tries some strikes in Neiman’s guard, landing a few to the head. Costa steps back and they rise to their feet. Neiman hits a high front kick. Costa over hand left lands, then scores with punches to the body. Halfway through the round, they’re in the clinch. Gracie charges forward with double leg. Gracie easily passes Costa’s guard. Costa tries to reverse and Gracie catches the arm, rolls beautifully for the arm bar. Costa taps at 3:53.

Neiman Gracie defeats Darren Costa by submission (arm bar) at 3:53 of round one.

Fight Two: Ozzy Dugulubgov (4-1) VS Andrew Osborne (7-5) (Catch weight of 160 lbs.)

Dugulubgov is from Russia but uses some funky reggaeton music for his ring walk. That’s pretty cool.

Round One: Dugulubgov with nice kicks out of the southpaw stance, body and head. Osbourne circling away.
Dugulubgov hits a nice overhand left, misses and slips — but back up immediately. The Russian mixes his attack pretty well, landing a right to head as he switches to orthodox lead. Osbourne is taller, but struggling with the speed. Osbourne misses a high kick as time expires. 10-9 round, Dugulubgov.

Round Two:
Osbourne trying to establish jab to begin. Dugulubgov with a low kick that lands in the groin. Ref stops the action. Osbourne takes almost the full five minutes to recover.

Dugulubgov catches a kick as they re-engage, dropping his opponent with an overhand left. Osbourne tries a triangle but Dugulubgov avoids easily — then catches a leg, drops back, and cranks an ankle lock. Osbourne taps at 1:12 of round two.

Ozzy Dugulubgov defeats Andrew Osborne by submission (ankle lock) at 1:12 of round two.

Fight Three: Gregor Gracie (7-3) vs Rich Patishnock (5-1) (Welterweights) :

Patishnock defeated Igor Gracie in his last bout, so this is something of a revenge match. Gracie walks in to “Thunderstruck” which always makes me think of Arturo Gatti (RIP).

Round One: Patishnock circles away. Beautiful double leg from Gracie as he finally backs Patishnock up, but Patishnock “wall-walks” right back up. Nice knee in Thai clinch from Patishnock. Patishnock with an inside leg kick which hits Gracie’s groin. Ref stops the action.

Gracie takes almost the full five minutes to recover. Gracie engages another takedown at restart after a brief striking exchange. A knee to the groin in the clinch from Gracie and the ref steps in, AGAIN.

At re-start, some nice leg kicks from Patishnock. Graice hits a straight left. Big right drops Gracie! Patishnock with some punches on the ground, but Gracie back up. Good straight punching rocks Gracie again, but he lasts to the bell. 10-9 round, Patishnock.

Round Two: Patishnock backs Gracie up with 1-2’s, works in an uppercut and body kick. Gracie moving slowly. Gracie drops to the ground in an exchange, and Patishnock backs away. High kick from Gracie, his only striking highlight so far. Gracie hits a double leg, but Patishnock back up quickly, lands knee to the body as they’re against the cage. Good “dirty boxing” from Patishnock. Double leg from Patishnock as time expires. 10-9 round, Patishnock.

Round Three: Punches and low kicks from Patichnock to begin, also shrugs off a Gracie takedown attempt. Hard body kick from Gracie. Both men slow now. Gracie with a sudden right hook/straight left combo. Gracie seems to have caught a second wind, halfway through the round. Patishnock runs in with 1-2’s again, bloodying Gracie’s nose. High front kick from Gracie. Patishnock avoids another takedown, outlands Gracie in a punching exchange. Round ends, fairly even but I’d lean to Gracie, 10-9.

Rich Patishnock defeats Gregor Gracie by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28).

Fight Four: Jimmie Rivera (12-1) vs Sidemar Honorio (8-3) (bantamweights)

Honorio is another Renzo protégé. New Jersey local Rivera is a former KOTC champ.

Round One: Rivera firing out rights. Honorio circles away looking for leg kicks. Big right from Honorio drops Rivera! A stunned Rivera is mounted, takes some punches, but springs back up. They clinch to the cage. Big right from Rivera stuns Honorio. Rivera hits a double leg, Honorio rolls inverted and tries a leg lock. Rivera spins out. They roll to the mat, Rivera on top hits knees to the body. Incredible pace. Honorio turtles, Rivera hits more knees to body and some hammer fists. Honorio rolls for a kneebar but fails as time expires. Very close but slight edge to Rivera in a great round.

Round Two: Rivera lands punching combo and presses Honorio to the cage. Hits knee to the head. They circle, Rivera hits leg kicks. Pace is slowing. Honorio tries a Capoeira spinning kick. Bas Rutten on commentary attempts to mimic Brazilian music. I love this man. Rivera stalking Honorio with power punches, occasional leg kick. Left hook from Rivera lands on Honorio’s chin. Honorio seems to be fading. Rivera initiates a takedown, and the tumble to the mat — Honorio looking for the knee bar, then his own takedown, as time expires. A clear 10-9 round for Rivera.

Round Three: Nice round kick to the body, then a double leg from Rivera. Hammer fists connect as Honorio spins to his knees, but the Brazilian bounces back to his feet quickly. Honorio circles away, eventually clinches in for a takedown, but Rivera is able to reverse him to the mat. Honorio trying elbows in the guard as Rivera backs him to the cage. Rivera landing little punches in Honorio’s guard. Honorio tries to spin for arm bar, but Rivera defends, keeps his hands moving as time expires. Another clear 10-9 round for Rivera.

Jimmie Rivera defeats Sidemar Honorio by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28).

Fight Five: Artur Rofi (6-0) vs Rick Glenn (13-2-1) (featherweights)

Iowa’s Rick Glenn walks to the ring in a stylized gladiator mask to the tune of Tom Petty’s “Won’t Back Down.” Rofi is another NJ local and gets a nice reception.

Round One:
They clinch immediately. Rofi moves to the back and takes the back standing with hooks, lands a few punches there. They roll to the mat, Rofi keeps the back position, looks for arm bar, hits some elbows from back. Glenn is able to stack Rofi against the cage, still defending the arm bar. It’s a deep arm bar, but more than a minute passes and he’s not able to finish. Glenn able to lift and slam him… and a second time. Bell sounds. 10-9 Rofi.

Round Two: Rofi shoots for takedown, Glenn sprawls. They end up clinched, against the cage. Action slows, they exchange knees and uppercuts. Glenn sprawls out of another takedown attempt. Nice straight left from Glenn. Another failed takedown from Rofi, another hard left from Glenn. Rofi may be tiring. He lands a glancing hook, but Glenn’s straight punching is carrying the round. Round kick to the body – straight punch to head combo from Glenn. Rofi jumps to guard, Glenn lands punches and elbows as the round ends. Glenn, 10-9.

Round Three:
They go to clinch right away. Low knee from Rofi and the ref steps in. On re-start, Rofi lands a right. They clinch, exchanging knees. Neither gets an advantage. As they disengage, Glenn lands low kicks well. Rofi tries a takedown but Glenn sprawls well, again. Back in the clinch, Rofi hits elbow, Glenn hits uppercut. Glenn misses a high kick. Nice knee to the body from Rofi. Rofi rocks back for a guillotine — Glenn hitting body shots on top as time expires.

Rick Glenn defeats Artur Rofi by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Fight Six: Georgi Karakhanyan (21-3-1) vs. Waylon Lowe (14-4) (featherweights)

Philly boy Lowe uses Bob Marley for his ring walk. Karakhanyan, of the Inland Empire in CA, is an ex-indoor soccer player.

Round One:
Southpaw Lowe is circling as Karakhanyan reaches in for left hooks. Good leg kicks from Karakhanyan. Lowe lands a punching combo. Leg kicks from Karakhanyan continue. Lowe shoots a takedown, Karakhanyan snatches a guillotine, and Lowe taps!

Georgi Karakhanyan defeated Waylon Lowe by submission (guillotine choke) at 3:35 of round one.

Fight Seven: Elvis Mutapcic (13-2) 186 lbs. vs. Jesse Taylor (26-9) 185 lbs

The New Jersey State Athletic Commission has scrapped this bout. Reportedly there was a medication which Mutapcic was taking backstage which is prohibited.

Fight Eight: Rolles Gracie (8-1) vs. Derrick Mehmen (15-5) (heavyweights)

Iowa’s Mehmen uses Johnny Cash’s “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” for his ring walk. Gracie sounds confident, describing how many Gracies were fighting on this show were able to train together. They’re 1-1 so far.

Round One: Both guys sending out “feeler” jabs to begin. Gracie with a high front kick, Mehman steps in with straight right to body. Gracie with a nice low kick, and then a jab. His standup looks much improved since his UFC debacle. The action here is slow. Gracie hits his jabs and steps backwards. Mehmen is failing to land his counters. Round kick to the body by Gracie who finally initiates a takedown with ten seconds left. It’s shrugged off, but the round was clearly Gracie’s.

Round Two: Gracie continues to box well, landing a jab-left hook combo and another front kick. Mehmen tries charging at him with punches but Gracie evades. Mehmen finally lands a short punch in the clinch. Suddenly, a big long right hand finds Gracie’s chin. The Brazilian turns in a daze, and crumbles to the mat. Mehmen wins via KO.

Derrick Mehmen defeats Rolles Gracie by knockout (overhand right) at 2:40 of round two.

Fight Nine: David Branch (12-3) vs. Daniel Villefort (14-4) (middleweights)

This is the second of two scheduled middleweight title eliminators tonight. The other failed to actually take place.

Round One: Branch shoots a takedown and backs Villefort to the cage, where they stay clinched for a full minute. Ref separates them and they exchange punches from range. Villefort backs away, and appears to be claiming an illegal poke to eye. They clinch and Villefort is backed to the cage again. Branch lands a few body punches. Slow bout so far. Branch lands punches and knees to the legs and body of Villefort, who is hanging onto an over-hook. Villefort attempts a throw from the over-hook but it fails. Branch scores a takedown as time expires. 10-9 round for Branch.

Round Two:
The fighters exchange kicks. Branch jabs, then shoots in for a double leg takedown. Branch with his typical punching on top, light shots to the head and body while threatening to pass Villefort’s guard. Villefort tries an arm bar, Branch easily shrugs it off for more punching. Villefort rolls out and inverts for a leg lock, but Branch defends again. Bell sounds for another 10-9 round for Branch.

Round Three: Villefort tries a flying knee — it’s caught and Branch takes him to the mat. They’re back against the cage. Branch goes for the back of Villefort as he tries to scramble in half guard. Branch gets Villefort’s back with hooks! But, Villefort spins out and re-establishes half. Villefort stays in guard as Branch continues to do just enough to keep the ref from standing them back up. A 10-9 Branch round.

David Branch defeats Danillo Villefort by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Fight Ten: Andrei Arlovski (19-10) vs. Mike Kyle (20-9-1) (heavyweights)

Ah, main event on the way. It’s Greg Jackson vs. AKA, Belarus vs. USA, a guy who scored a submission at UFC 51 vs. a guy who scored a knockout at UFC 51, take your pick. We’ll see who has what left. Bas Rutten is amusing himself mimicking the sounds of the old Transformers cartoon as Arlovski enters the cage. God only knows why.

Round One: Kyle shoots a straight right which misses, tries to initiate clinch but the bigger Arlovski pushes him off. Kyle knocks Arlovski down with a short chopping right. Kyle tries to pounce on him for hammer fists, but Arlovski gets right back up, shrugging off. They circle, looking for jabs and leg kicks. Arlovski finally lands a good right at 2:20. Arlovski initiates a takedown, Kyle rolls to his feet but Arlovski lands a nice knee to the head in the scramble. Both guys headhunting: an overhand right from Kyle, straight right from Arlovski. Kyle circling away as time expires. Close round but I’ll give it to Kyle, 10-9.

Round Two:
You can hear Bob Cook yell out to Kyle, “be first!” But it’s Arlovski landing the rights and kicks from range to begin. Both land to the chin in a big exchange, and Kyle drops for a takedown. Arlovski shrugs him off and lands another right. Left uppercut – right straight from Arlovski lands. Kyle looks to be slowing, and backs away from an Arlovski jab. They circle, Arlovski lands another right. Time expires on a clear 10-9 round in favor of Arlovski.

Round Three: Both guys struggle to establish a jab. Arlovski appears to have been poked in the eye. He backs away, but no stop from the ref. A straight right gets through to Arlovski’s chin and drops him! But he bounces right back up. They exchange and Arlovski lands a right. Arlovski leans in for a left hook. The two keep landing a shot, then disengaging. A leg kick lands flush for Arlovski. Good left to the body for Kyle. Fans booing with one minute left. Kyle leans in and goes for a standing guillotine. Both miss power shots. Time expires. The round, and bout, will probably go to Kyle due to the knockdown.

Scores come in 29-28, 29-28, and 29-28 for your winner, Andrei Arlovski! He probably out-landed Kyle, but I thought the knockdowns would sway the judges. It was a close fight, though.

Mike Kyle defeats Mike Kyle by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, and 29-28).

Thanks for joining us! Hope you enjoyed the PBP. See you next time!