Sometimes there are people out there whose levels of “coolness” far exceed those attainable by normal men. Anthony Bourdain is one such person.

After writing a the bestseller “Kitchen Confidential”, which cut open the underbelly of restaurant life and let its guts spill out on the floor, Bourdain went on to do travelogue TV shows that aired on the Travel Channel and now CNN. The dude is a rock star – I know, because I went to one of his book signings and girls were practically throwing their panties at him as he stood at the podium.

I’ve also seen him at a couple MMA shows in New York City (his wife is into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in a huge way, and some of that has rubbed off on him).

Anyway, here’s Bourdain being interviewed by stodgy old Charley Rose. What do they talk about? How awesome jiu-jitsu is, of course.