Tonya Evinger successfully defended her bantamweight belt at Invicta FC 22 last night, and she did so in typical, dominant fashion. Her victory also put her win-streak at ten in a row, which makes you wonder: why isn’t this woman fighting in the UFC?

Evinger’s last loss was via decision to Sarah McMann way back in 2011. Since then, she’s been chewing opponents up and spitting them out on the canvas, and when the opportunity presents itself, French kissing Lauren Sanko during her postfight interview (why? because she’s TONYA FREAKIN’ EVINGER). It’s pretty amusing stuff, and that kind of personality backed by performance seems like a perfect fit for a UFC bantamweight roster still struggling to find itself after Ronda Rousey’s departure.

Anyway, here’s Evinger’s postfight rap from last night.