Sometimes you’re offered a plate of dirt and a bowl of mud and you’re forced to choose one of them to eat. That’s certainly the case with UFC 228‘s main event, which pits welterweight champ Tyron Woodley against middleweight Darren Till.

And I say middleweight because Till has trouble making weight. That’s right, the Brit has failed to make the 170-pound cutoff twice in his UFC career, including the bout that earned him this title shot – a main event scrap against Stephen Thompson.

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Woodley, meanwhile, has had flashes of excitement in his career, but he’s gotten so terrified of losing that he fights solely to not lose. Which sucks. And which gives us such stellar “non-fight” performances like what we saw against Thompson twice, Demian Maia, and Kelvin Gastelum.

Sure, both men have earned their status as champ and challenger. Woodley beat an awful lot of dudes to get that belt, although “beat” might be a charitable way of describing it. Till, of course, beat some quality opponents, too. There’s Thompson, and there’s also Donald Cerrone on that list.

(Worth noting: Cerrone has fought at lightweight a lot, so as welterweights go, he was always pretty small… which made him easy pickings for the overweight Till.)

So. Dirt and mud. That’s what we’re getting. Which flips the usual equation of tuning-in-to-see-your-hero-win into one all about hoping both men could lose (and lose their belts, and lose their jobs, and lose the real estate they take up in your fandom).

Who do you want to see lose more? The chubby bastard Till, who often brags how he’s bigger than opponents? Oh, hey, here’s a video of his unfair size advantage in action.

Or do you want to see Woodley lose, who is the most boring-est fighter since… since… I don’t know. He’s freakin’ boring though. And he thinks he’s amazing, so don’t expect him to change anytime soon.

Enjoy your dirt and mud, folks.