Dana White is once again just asking his employees to think before you tweet. Any social media posting for that matter. Following his new Irish pal, Conor McGregor’s sexual comments on Twitter towards Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey, White says he reached out to all three to diffuse any issues that may have arisen.

“When I found out about that, I reached out to him, and he had already written an apology, He’s a young kid that made a real dumb tweet. He apologized. I had talked to Miesha and Ronda, both of them were like, ‘Yeah, whatever. Not a big deal.’ He likes both of them, respects them. These guys try to be fucking funny on Twitter. The crazy part is, he’s been trying to hit Ronda up, he wants to go train with Ronda. And then you’re gonna send a tweet like that with somebody you want to hang out with and train with, it just makes no sense. I don’t expect people to be fucking rocket scientists here. We’re not gonna go out and find a cure for cancer or anything, all I ask for is a little common sense. Just a little tiny bit of fucking common sense.”

Luckily for McGregor he didn’t suffer the same consequences that some other former UFC fighters had to deal with after their controversial tweets. Of course, every situation is different. Well, good thing the UFC now has a set “code of conduct” which all fighters must abide by.