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The world isn’t exactly breathless in anticipation for this weekend’s UFC Fight Night 127 main event, but Fabricio Werdum versus Alexander Volkov is what we’ve got, so let’s dig into it.

By this point, everyone knows Werdum. He was the heavyweight champ for a hot minute, the result of top-level jiu-jitsu, impressive wins over the likes of Cain Velasquez and Mark Hunt, and a stand-up game that at times can be aggressive as hell. But that hot minute came to an end when he thought it’d be a good idea to chase Stipe Miocic around the cage, and, well, zoinks. Dude got knocked out and Miocic has been the champ ever since.

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Volkov was Bellator’s top heavyweight for a brief point in time as well, although he managed to find the “L” a few times before jumping ship to the UFC. Since then, Volkov has done moderately well taking out Roy Nelson and Stefan Struve, although those cats have been shadows of their former selves for years (and Nelson isn’t even in the UFC anymore!).

What’s going to happen in London, England on Saturday? Well, a lot of Brits are going to get drunk on warm beer and do soccer chants in the audience. Meanwhile, in the Octagon, Werdum is either going to be timid and pull guard like a fool, or be aggressive and overwhelm Volkov or be aggressive and walk into Volkov’s fists.

UFC analyst Jimmy Smith has more to say on the subject. Give him a watch, will you?