It takes an amazing amount of grace, poise and agility to emulate the moves of UFC lightweight champ Anthony Pettis, who’s made a career out of highlight reel-worthy moves that involve jumping off the cage to defy gravity. But Pettis’ abilities – though extremely rare for a human to possess – are not wholly unique. There are others out there, others capable of feats of daring.

Take, for instance, one of the competitors featured in the video below. Though a heavyweight, and robust in both stature and density, he is not without his own level of remarkable-ness.

The dude can fly.

Watch as his unwitting and over-matched opponent falls prey to a jumping-off-the-cage Superman punch. Gaze in wonder and awe at how the laws of physics are broken in ways we’ve never seen before.

Bask in his glory.

Okay, now you can laugh.