Like a never-ending cornucopia of rotten fruit and vegetables, War Machine is again in the news – this time for his behavior in the courtroom while ex-girlfriend testified against him. Here’s the New York Daily News with the details:

A mixed martial arts fighter accused of beating his ex-adult film star girlfriend to near death reportedly laughed as she tearfully testified about the horrific injuries she sustained.

Jonathan Koppenhaver, 32, better known as War Machine, was scolded Friday by a Las Vegas judge for his crass behavior during his preliminary hearing for a slew of charges including attempted murder, KTNV reported.

His laughter came as his 23-year-old ex-girlfriend, Christy Mack, told the court how he savagely attacked her in her home in August, leaving her with a broken nose, lacerated liver and injuries to her leg.

We learned a bit more about the inner workings of their relationship (such as it was) as well.

At first Koppenhaver didn’t have a problem with her porn career, but that gradually changed and he became violent when she didn’t want to have sex with him after returning from a shoot, she testified, according to KSNV.

During those outbursts, which happened about once a month, the professional fighter hit, strangled and forced her to have sex with him, she said.

Unless something dramatic happens, it’s pretty much a given that the former pro fighter will be spending the rest of his life in jail. Which, in light of all the horrific details about how he treated this poor woman, is small comfort.