I admit I know little about Australian culture beyond what I’ve seen in the movies.

For instance, from the film classic “The Road Warrior”, I know that gasoline is really, really valuable there. Also, they like to trick out their cars to an extreme level.

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But other than that, I’m clueless. So I have no idea why former champ Luke Rockhold came to the UFC 221 open workouts yesterday on the back of a camel. He did, though, riding it as majestically as any main event fighter would.

Opponent Yoel Romero didn’t ride atop a camel. All he did was some sort of Cuban dance intended to bring positive vibes (is Australia short on positive vibes or something?).

Yes, the open workouts yesterday were pretty big on spectacle. But the fights this weekend – especially the main event with the interim middleweight belt up for grabs – should be all business.

Here are some highlights from the open workouts.