There have been fighters who’ve been dissatisfied with the way promotions have treated them, and then there’s Quinton Jackson, who somehow managed to elevated the word “malcontent” into an art form.

From hating the UFC and everything they did (including making him champ and giving him a stint as TUF coach), to hating Bellator and everything they’ve done, “Rampage” went from being a badass fighter with knockout punches to an old man shouting for kids to get off his damn lawn.

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Which is fine. Let Rampage be Rampage, I say. And anyway, he’s still a warm body willing to get into the cage to get knocked around.

Bellator 192 will have him face Chael Sonnen in their heavyweight tournament’s opening round. You just know that, win or lose, Rampage is going to be unhappy.

Here’s a vid Bellator has put together for our favorite sad sack.