Cristiane Justino, aka Cris Cyborg, has received mainstream media attention since officially announcing her upcoming 135 lb debut at Invicta 10 in December.

(Many fans are hopeful for an eventual showdown with UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey, who has expressed no interest in moving up in weight to fight Justino. Perhaps this will help force the issue.)

The former 145 lb champion of both Invicta and Strikeforce, Justino spent a few months in the tropical paradise of Phuket, Thailand with Phuket Top Team.

Cyborg was featured in the latest edition of PTT’s ongoing web series, Phuket Dreaming 5: Adrenaline Junk. At the world’s epicenter of Muay Thai, Cyborg shows off some of her skills — including working on her “Wai Kru,” the traditional Thai pre-fight dance. Plus, a little bungee jumping:

Cyborg’s segment begins at 7:52, but check out the whole video for some great training footage at an idyllic setting — with the likes of JZ Cavalcanti featured.

Cyborg comes off very well here, hailing the respect and humbleness of the Thai people. Her mitt work with Laemthong alone may get you thinking about a 2015 showdown with Rousey. But even if not, it’s still a beautifully done piece.

Cyborg also took the time to sample some local delicacies, and uploaded a quick video on her YouTube channel: