Joe Rogan’s seen a few MMA fights in his life.

Therefore, when he’s given an opportunity to spit some wisdom on a fight – in this instance, tonight’s UFC 220 main event between Stipe Miocic and Francis Ngannou – we’d do well to listen.

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Look, we all know how this fight is going to go.

Miocic, the champ, is going to swing those fists packed with dynamite. Ngannou, with his fists made of stone, is going to counter-punch everything. The first person to land square on their opponent’s chin is going to win.

There are, of course, subtleties involved – will Miocic pull his hands back fast enough? Will Ngannou step backward when the punches are coming, or will he angle off to the side? But when boiled down to it, it’s ultimately a contest of Punchface.

And the winner will be the champ.