We love Russia here at Caged Insider.

No, not just because of all the legends that they have produced, from Oleg Taktarov to Fedor Emelianenko; and not just because of all the MMA stars which they continue to produce, like Alexander “Storm” Schlemenko and Vitaly Minakov.

Nope. We also love them because there’s always something wild out there in the fringes of Russia’s fighting world.

Earlier in the year, Caged Insider reported that Russian MMA promotion M-1 included a sort of “MMA with swords and shields” at a recent event. But no, this doesn’t even come from the MMA world.

Last week a video was released showcasing two Russian youth football clubs (that’s soccer to many of us in the English-speaking world) going from, as our friends at DeadSpin put it, zero to 100 real quick. Please be warned, this is like no flippy-floppy brawl you’ve seen. There’s a running haymaker, a flying side-kick, punches in the clinch, and lots of downright viciousness — from Russia with no love at all.

Then, seemingly, everything’s okay again.

Okay, enough violence — time to play again, gentlemen. And they do. Wow.

Check it out — again, credit goes to the nice folks at DeadSpin: