It’s been eight years to the day that Anderson Silva first won the UFC Middleweight Championship, but in a press conference today in Rio, the MMA legend implied there’s a lot more history to be made — beginning with his comeback fight against Nick Diaz at UFC 183 next January.

After a horrific leg injury in his second bout with Chris Weidman last year, many observers felt Silva would never return to the Octagon. But “The Spider” said recovery is going well, and he plans to contest another seven bouts for the UFC to fulfill his current contract.

“I can do all the movements I used to do,” he said. “I’m recuperating and getting strength back; going back to my origins and can kick without fear. I believe on fight night I will be 100%.”

He admits, however, that the months following the injury were “the worst months of my life.”

“The moment when I broke my leg,” Silva explained, “I thought my career was over. You might think depression isn’t that big a thing, but I was depressed, very sad; and if I didn’t have the people by my side, maybe I wouldn’t have come back.”

Silva was accompanied by his longtimeĀ  coaches, Luis Dorea (MMA), and strength and conditioning guru Rogerio Camoes — and also legendary Carlson Gracie black belt Ricardo De La Riva, who has joined Silva’s camp to assist with his jiu-jitsu.

The event marked the only press which Silva will do prior to the Diaz bout.

See the press conference here: