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Remember when your parents would go on vacation and they’d return and hand you a t-shirt that invariably had a slogan that went, “My Parents Went To ____ And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt”?

Well, USADA wants to honor those fighters who’ve passed 25 drug tests with… wait for it… a lousy t-shirt.

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This is one heck of a ridiculous gesture. Sure, USADA has been charged with keeping UFC fighters clean so the UFC doesn’t have to, and sometimes the carrot of positive reinforcement is better than the stick of lengthy suspension, but this is silly.

Does the NFL give out t-shirts to players who manage to go a certain number of days without committing domestic violence?

Does Major League Baseball reward its players with special hats when they go weeks without getting busted for driving while intoxicated?

USADA, you so whack sometimes.

Here’s MMAFighting:

Each month, USADA will honor the UFC fighters who have passed 25 drug tests, the UFC’s anti-doping partner announced Wednesday. Beginning in May, the fighters who have achieved that amount will get a t-shirt with the hashtag “Follow My Lead” and “25x” branded on it. The shirt will also have the slogan “Train Clean, Fight Clean.”

In addition, those fighters who have been cleared in 25 drug tests will be featured on a new Twitter account (@USADA_UFC) that launched this week. Per a release, that account will provide “stories, advisories, and messages specific to athletes competing in UFC, as well as their fans and followers.”

“Participating in a robust anti-doping program requires a year-round commitment to competing clean, both by being available for testing without notice and in being diligent in what you consume,” USADA CEO Travis T. Tygart said in a statement. “The program can be inconvenient at times, but as we hear from athletes frequently, it’s a lot less inconvenient than being seriously hurt or being robbed of a win. These athletes have hit a high mark for the UFC program and are role models for clean sport competition.