To hear Dana White tell it, Uriah Hall was partying too hard leading up to his scheduled fight against Vitor Belfort at UFC Fight Night 124 last weekend. That’s why Hall wound up in the hospital.

To hear Paige VanZant and others present, watching Hall collapse and go into seizures en route to the scale was scary as hell.

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Well, the TUF veteran has finally told his side of the story, and, uh, it sounds pretty grave.

As per MMAFighting:

“It was probably the most traumatic experience I’ve ever had,” said Hall.

“I mean I was in and out of it – I was conscious, but I was unconscious. I knew what was happening but I was fighting over it. I was punching. I think I had a mini seizure and at the same time a slight heart attack. My kidneys were just not good.”

He continued: “Like I said, it was an injury that I ignored and it just caught up to me. My body was not responsive to it.”

Hall insisted that he would never ignore his health again.

“The doctor even said that even if I had made weight I probably would have died the next day because my body just wasn’t having it. Like I said, I’m never going to ignore my health again.