Unsanctioned fighting. It’s the worst thing in the world when it comes to safety and legitimacy, but it’s also fun as hell sometimes. Last night I checked out an underground boxing event in the Bronx, and though I’ve been to hundreds of similar such events over the years (yeah, I’m a bit of an underground fights connoisseur), what I witnessed last night – at the BX Fight Club – blew me away. Through a sea of cheering people, a haze of blunt smoke, and as a seemingly never-ending stream of Spanish music blared, a dozen fighters threw¬†leather in the most unskilled, untrained fashion. But it was awesome, every last second of it.

With every furious flurry, the masses crowded around the ring pounded on the canvas.


One fighter was TKO’d via a body blow, but the ref disqualified his opponent because he looked like he’d actually trained before.


One of the main event fighters got cold feet and disappeared, so the MC asked if anyone in the crowd wanted to fight. Someone volunteered, slipped on some gloves and shorts, and ended up winning (!)



Go ahead and make all the judgments you want about how unsanctioned fighting is bad, especially in New York where the battle to get MMA sanctioned is still raging. But I guarantee that if you were there, soaking in the action and atmosphere, you’d have had a smile on your face. I guarantee it.

Oh, and don’t waste your time asking me where this weekly event takes place. Just like with any true underground show, I was sworn to secrecy.